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  • Detail Measuring The Hardness Testing For Rubber, Plastics Instrument of Hildebrand (Germany)

    Recently, M.D Machinery Joint Stock Company has handed over, installed and trained and instructed the use of the rubber hardness measuring device model: Micro IRHD manufactured by HILDEBRAND for Lisal Vina Co., Ltd. Lot CN-04, Dong Van IV Industrial Park, Dai Cuong Commune, Kim Bang District, Ha Nam. Lisal Vina is a company with 100% Korean capital, is a manufacturer of products from rubber, silicone. Being trusted by Lisal Korea and using Hildebrand’s equipment, it is invested to synchronize technology in Vietnam.

    And New Wing Interconnect Techlonogy Company Limited at Van Trung Industrial Park, Van Trung Commune, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province. New Wing is a company invested directly by FOXCONN INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGY SINGAPORE PTE. LTD in Singapore, specializes in the manufacture of electronic components.

    Currently, we are the exclusive representative of Hildebrand in Vietnam. With our strength in the field of commercial machinery and technical equipment, we always try our best to serve all the needs of our customers.

    The following will be a detailed introduction to the device:
    Micro IRHD rubber hardness tester is used to quickly measure the IRHD hardness index of rubber or plastic, meeting the Vietnamese standard TCVN 9810: 2013, or international standards such as ISO 48: 2010. , ASTM D 1415.

    This is one of the indispensable equipment in materials laboratories, or in the QC department of factories producing rubber and plastic related products.
    MICRO IRHD measures samples with recommended thicknesses from 1 to 5 mm. It complies with ISO 48 standard. The device uses very small force to indent a 0.3 mm depth on the specimen and the device automatically shows the result on the screen.

    Test probes are available for IRHD: probe diameters 2.5 mm, 5.0 mm, 1.0 mm, and for Durometer A. The probe has a modular design that easily attaches to the probe block. An electronic identification chip for each probe is placed in the probe block. Help the software can recognize and set the parameters automatically. Therefore, the probes will not be confused. This system therefore eliminates operator errors.

    Patented IRHD N, H, L / Durometer Hardness Measuring System works automatically, used with Hilab computer and software. The software helps to control the entire operation of the system. Provides ASCII code output.

    The setup of this system is very simple, as most are modular. The main details have been completely fitted. Please refer to the photo below. The included RS232 cables will connect the device to the converter and the computer.

    In the most intuitive way, we also made a short video introducing in detail about the equipment and how to measure, read and understand the results on the software.